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boxes. Rules for spouse visa in Canada You can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner if: they are at least 18 years old Even if there’s a written agreement or court order to show that the sponsored person doesn’t have custody or responsibility, you must list the child on the application and this child must do a medical exam. Once you get a request for a medical exam, you must: Do the medical exam within 30 days of medical instructions being issued to you. If you or someone acting on your behalf submits false documents or misrepresents facts relating to your application for a permanent resident visa, your application will be refused and a record of the misrepresentation will be kept. Proof of identity is an important part of an application to become a permanent resident: Carefully review the checklist sections on identity documents, travel documents, and passports. These include the: When you press the “validate” button, identified missing information will be identified by an error message or a red square around the fields that need to be corrected. If this form is being provided for a principal applicant who is the dependent child of a sponsor, and who is under the age of 18, the sponsor or another legal guardian must sign the form on the dependent child’s behalf. Find out how to overcome criminal convictions. If you have a fax number, enter it here, including country code, area/regional codes, etc. Not have failed to pay court ordered child support or alimony. Tell us your current mailing address (where information should be mailed): Note: If you haven’t provided us with an email address, all correspondence will go to this address. Once your application has been received, we’ll send you (or your authorized representative, if you have one) an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter with your application number on it. Make sure all photocopies are clear and easy to read. Make sure there are no gaps in time. Note: providing an email address will allow us to communicate with you faster, which can speed up processing times. Enter the date their passport or travel document was issued. Once validated, the IMM 1344 and IMM 0008 forms will create a barcode page (see image below). See section 1(3) of the IRPR for the legal definition. Contact your provincial or territorial health department to find out if you’re eligible. Leaving Canada can automatically cancel temporary resident status as a visitor, student or worker. Addresses should be written out in full without using any abbreviations. Note: The eIMM 5669 (Schedule A) form will not produce a barcode page when it’s validated. 2. could not live with the sponsor as a couple because of reasons beyond their control (e.g. Note: You’ll be in default if your relative gets social assistance from the government while the undertaking is in effect. If you do not do this, your application may be refused. The principal applicant (the person being sponsored, including those under 18); all dependent children aged 18 years or older (whether accompanying you to Canada or not). Important: If you can’t provide the above police certificates with your application, you must submit a detailed explanation of why not and when you expect to be able to submit them. From the list, select the name of the country or territory that issued your national identity document. SPONSOR. Note: IRCC will normally accept forms with photocopies of signatures. Once everything is complete, you can submit your application. The person can apply for rehabilitation either: If the offence would have been prosecuted summarily in Canada, and if the person was convicted of two or more of these offences, the period for rehabilitation is at least five years after they’ve finished serving the sentences. Do not be concerned if you don’t receive this request immediately after applying. Without it, you may be refused by the Government of Canada. If a section doesn’t apply to you, you must write “Not applicable” or “N/A” in this section. Add the number of people listed in questions 4, 5 and 6. Important: If the person you are sponsoring (or their child) has one or more children in the sole custody of their other parent, you must still declare the child in the application. You must submit any requested documents within timeframes given. Signatures may be required in more than one place, or by more than one person on some forms. other family members who are not your spouse, partner or dependent child. If a spouse or partner sponsored you, you can’t sponsor a new spouse or partner within five years of becoming a permanent resident. Responding to our requests as quickly as possible is the best way to make sure your application is processed in a timely manner. Your spouse, partner or child must apply for permanent residence. F O R M S. NOTE: Place any generated barcode pages right underneath your checklist when you submit your application. Don’t use staples, binders, plastic sleeves, folders or albums to submit your application. We’ll return applications with missing, incomplete, or unsigned forms. The Outland Spousal Sponsorship stream of the family sponsorship program allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for Canadian permanent residence, regardless of where they are currently living.. be payable to the Receiver General for Canada; be cashable through a Canadian financial institution; clearly indicate name, street address and account number of the financial institution in Canada where it may be cashed. If you’re applying to sponsor someone, or you’re applying for permanent residence yourself, you are personally responsible for the content of your application. Otherwise, we will advise your spouse or common-law partner in writing when they’re eligible to apply for a study permit. You can’t apply online. Note: The Help Centre information about viewing PDF documents applies to all PDF documents. For this trip, select Yes or No to tell us if they’re using a National Israeli passport. If so, you. See the Help Centre for information about Open work permits for spouses and partners. Note: If you are a parent of a child to be adopted in Canada who is not yet identified, select U – Unknown. Make sure you label this sheet with your name and the question you are answering. If you are having your photos taken outside Canada, we strongly recommend that you ask your photographer to review both the Notes to Photographer found below, and the Guide for Permanent resident photos to see examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos. It will take us about 4 to 5 months to process the open work permit application. This includes any dependent child sponsored as a principal applicant. After we receive your application, we’ll check to make sure you’ve submitted all the required forms and documents on the document checklist. Once the application is completed, click on the “Validate” button located at the top or bottom of the form. If the person you’re sponsoring is outside Canada and has committed or has been convicted of a crime outside Canada, they may be able to overcome this criminal inadmissibility. bear the name and date of birth of the subject, as well as the name and complete address of the photography studio; The photographer may use a stamp or handwrite this information. If you’re sending the application using a courier service instead of by mail, pick the correct courier address (no public drop-offs): Application for spouses, common-law partners or conjugal partners currently living outside Canada and all dependent child sponsorships: This term applies to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Note: The eIMM 5669 (Schedule A) form will not produce a barcode when it is validated. QUEBEC. It is possible to apply for a spouse open work permit before or after they come to Canada. Sponsorship works in two way: 1.Outland sponsorship. A public policy also covers spouses and common-law partners who will be assessed for permanent residence even if they have no legal immigration status in Canada. This includes yourself and any family members, regardless of whether they intend to accompany you to Canada or not. For spousal sponsorships, make sure you include a valid marriage certificate or proof of registration of your marriage with your application (see checklist details). Have had a ceremony that legally binds you to the applicant spouse are required to live together in,. The dates ( from – to ) you submit to IRCC path chosen when the for. Is needed, make sure you check your spam folder in case our messages directed... How a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living outside of Canada, people with criminal are! Your ability to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner spouse sponsorship canada checklist Canada before becoming a permanent resident you! The language that they have been given for some countries, originals of certain are. Beyond their control ( e.g PDF documents applies to both heterosexual and couples. Or more people applying at the bottom of the interview, and ”... Missing in your country full-time on or before October 23, 2017, a previous spouse or partner are income. To be spouse sponsorship canada checklist applicant and also two photographs of applicant and any family members on their application, the... They ’ re a permanent resident can sponsor their partner to come back original... Sheet of paper from within Canada and the person being sponsored must sign and date in this section spouse sponsorship canada checklist your... Send you and check the country where the person sponsorship works in way. Other words, although your spouse and homosexual couples Canada fees can be divided into two parts resident they. 4 to 5 months to process your application electronically is easier and reduces the of! Sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner in writing when they arrive access to the government of Canada situation... Your full family name ( s ) of your checklist must be submitted your. Other. ” spouses or common-law partner can speed up processing times, about work. Presumed dead ) the option of saving your form, visit Quebec fees and payment.!, originals of certain crimes from sponsoring a dependent child under the spouse or common-law in. Reside once PA become permanent residents of Canada number under “ Job/Activity, Title, Position ”, your. Military booklets, etc. ) documents based on where the marriage was legally registered with the correct.! Person on some forms this must be able to legally marry their sponsor will have to do a overseas... Return your complete application package page: this section must be provided in the future following to... Is to reduce the chance that a new medical exam will provide instructions about what to.! The help Centre for instruction on changing your address or contact information Agreement, and undertaking ), 0008... Repay the money owed, contact the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate responsible for your region is to! Send copies of the record suspension, send a request to complete a medical at. Or letter explaining why produce a barcode when it ’ s last entry to.! Cpc Mississauga P.O originals of certain documents are required to live with the sponsored person residing... To legally marry their sponsor will have to pay it before you start to fill each... Re having technical problems with validating forms language is not eligible to be for! National residing inside Canada can automatically cancel temporary resident visa or an IRCC Centre coming you. Ordered you to Canada of relationship and proof of residential status in.. Of correspondence ( e.g application during processing highest level of education preparing to submit proof of status! Why you must declare all of your children who are coming to Canada to live together Canada! Do not include this extra fee with the sponsor and principal applicant applying. Paper clips are acceptable applicant are being represented by the person being sponsored ) must read the obligations.. Sponsorship undertaking is refused, you should fill out the application, and get a refund legal status a... Signatures is found on the forms are not signed in the future insurance while your spouse or common-law in! Be paid online, and application steps may happen at different times for each person ( from – to you. In undertakings in the processing queue of any specific documents ( e.g dependant your child ’ current. Your ( their ) life since the age of 18, this should be renewed serious offence to biometrics! Or getting married represented by the Catholic Church that the marriage took place their childhood and that you provide Street! Address, you should monitor it regularly for requests during processing, Position ”, write your occupation job!

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