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Hope you enjoy it. As a note, the genres for a book can usually be found to the right above "About the Author" with at times even more discernible details through the "See top Shelves" button. The raincoat might well reproduce that feeling. We remember stories that confirm our descriptions of animals and conveniently forget those that do not. And to the dog, what is a rose? and never run your dog on a bike. subject matter, I was somewhat surprisingly less than wholly engaged by either (treatments of the subject matter) and left rather profoundly unsatisfied upon the arrival of the last page turned: a failure not of writing, but rather one of content. Many dog owners who dress their dogs in coats have the best intentions: they have noticed, perhaps, that their dog resists going outside when it rains. And besides being a jacket, the raincoat is also one distinctive thing: a close, even pressing, covering of the back, chest, and sometimes the head. This is not to say that chickens thus like being smushed against other birds in a cage, or find it a perfectly agreeable life. So you can guess why I read this book. The book is mostly scientific studies of how dogs really see, smell, hear and what they know about their human owners...but includes personal anecdotes throughout as well. Despite having an extensive collection of footnotes leading back to the scientific literature, the conclusions of the book could have been handled in 60 pages instead of 300: This book totally changed how I see and interact with dogs. However, I found this book a bit too scientific and, thus, somewhat strenuous to read. This book did make me appreciate my dog a little more but I found it to be too dry and boring for the most part to give it a higher rating. Scout finds chewing gum in a tree near the Radley house. They find more “gifts” in the tree. Two stars: it was okay. The author might as well have been writing a manual on understanding robots or clinical notes about mice in a cage, as nearly every sentence was cold, flat and gratuitously verbose. She begins by describing the evolution of dogs from wolves and their gradual domestication and association with human beings. I'm not one who generally posts on a public forum at all, let alone contribute anything other than positive thoughts ("if you don't have anything nice to say...") but I was so bewildered to see this book listed as a NYT bestseller that I was compelled to save those of you needing a little color/flavor in your "good reads" some money that could otherwise be spent on treats for your favorite four legged-friend. ... , tries to jump into the creek to follow her, and the dog passes away the next morning. I've read Horowitz's "On Looking", which I enjoyed, and I thought that this was probably a good time to learn what the umwelt--the universe; the way of seeing--of my dog was. On dolphins, the smile is a fixed physiological feature, immutable like the creepily painted face of a clown. So you can guess why I read this book. It was written by a cognitive scientist who not only loves dogs but has had them her whole life. This book lacks what its subjects have in overflowing abundance. It might wait here for a day, a month, or a dozen years. Ralph is surprised when Matt, the bellboy, sees him and begins talking. His name is Chai; he's at least part Shih Tzu, although a bit too leggy to fully qualify as such. So the objects of the universe, for the tick, are divided into ticks and non-ticks; things one can or cannot wait upon; surfaces one might or might not drop onto; and substances one may or may not want to feed on. Conventional wisdom holds that no one, human or not, likes to be pressed up against others. The book, A Dog's Life: the Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin, is about a dog who tells her life story. It seems reasonable to extrapolate from that observation to the conclusion that he dislikes the rain. I'm not one who ge. There are some interesting assumptions involved in the creation and purchase of tiny, stylish, four-armed rain slickers for dogs.

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