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Thanks for posting this amazing information. I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy UK newsletter and special email promotions. But what was it really like? Virgin Atlantic felt genuinely premium at every point – from check in to the entire in-flight experience. The information, including card rates, product pricing and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review – please check product pages for the most current information. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy gets 5 stars in this review Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy. There are multiple dining areas with separate menus and separate chefs. During the course of the flight, crew members left out a small bin of crisps and snacks for the taking in the galley. The food was really good also and so was the on-board entertainment. There’s something about a four-engine jet that just feels mighty. Though I didn’t get to spend much time or indulge in the food, I’d definitely return on a future flight out of T3. Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and, compared to standard Economy, offers about 5-7 inches of extra legroom as … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They even included cute airplane-themed salt shakers similar to those I’ve seen in Virgin Upperclass reviews. The fleece material of the blanket felt almost worn, but I liked that the blanket had a special neck cutout, which made it easier to cover yourself in an upright position in Premium or economy. It is generally found on international flights, and popular short-haul domestic ones. To start, there was only one option: a Cajun pasta salad of fusilli, mixed leaves and mustard vinaigrette. Back in April this year Virgin launched three new economy options – Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight. Premium Economy - Virgin Australia. We believe that learning about frequent flyer miles should be as fun as travel itself. They were flimsy and not noise-canceling in the slightest. The Good. Ask the cruise director: What are your top tips for cruising? Inside, they were pretty standard economy-size lavatories with no special features or extras. Even Delta Comfort+ economy passengers receive ear plugs, toothbrush kits, lotions and eye masks on transatlantic flights. Premium economy is in a 2-4-2 configuration. Of course, in premium economy, you shouldn’t expect Bose total noise-canceling headphones, but they could’ve done better than the economy offering. Right after take-off, you are given pretzels with your first drink. Choosing to fly British Airways or Virgin Atlantic can be hard, especially when they are neck and neck when it comes to fares. Premium passengers were entitled to a generous two pieces of baggage, each up to 50 pounds in weight. Have just flown Premium economy and found the choice menu a joke. I found the footrest to be rather close in, but the added support was a huge win, especially on a long-haul flight. The exterior of the kit itself was made from recyclable kraft paper, which felt like a combination of cardboard and thick paper. Virgin has remastered the premium economy experience with its Premium A350 product. You know what it feels like schlepping into economy — like you’re in grade school, being shuffled into a que one-by-one to board an overcrowded bus with zero personal space and extra germs. The sheer thickness of the padding on these seats was something I hadn’t experienced before. Virgin has long been an industry leader in premium economy products, and this helps the carrier continue to make waves in offering a great experience for passengers in the Premium cabin. The footrest was a … But internationally this indenturement leaves me constrained. I've flown with Virgin quite a few times, and I've never have a bad experience when it comes to service. It’s a means to earn full elite qualifying dollars (MQDs), rather than a partial percentage if I’d have booked through Virgin or through a third-party. About 90 minutes before arrival flight attendants served scones, cakes and sandwiches with a variety of spreads and creme fraiche clotted cream. Hopefully more modern aircraft will be introduced on this and other routes soon. The 787 Premium Economy has a “Wonderwall” which I’m curious to read about. We all know tray tables are plastic in economy and premium economy, and it’s a small but noticeable decision for a carrier to either go with a basic plastic color or to add a little oomph to the aesthetics. American Airlines trials COVID-19 app to make travel safer (and why that’s a good thing), United Airlines Makes it Easier to Earn MileagePlus Premier Status for 2022, Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy: A Review. Elsewhere in the terminal were Oneworld carriers like Qantas, American, Cathay, Japan Airlines and some British Airways flights. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I was dead tired by that point, though the seat’s great padding and adequate width … Additionally, I was a fan of some of the small design features of the seat. Even though no one was seated next to me, if someone had been, it would’ve felt cramped on a long-haul flight — especially the armrests, which were on the narrow side. This compensation helps pay the costs associated with running our website, and does not result in any additional fees to you. However, I get it that for most others, and especially those younger than myself, the low res screens and those wonky controllers for the A340 seatback entertainment system, are far less desirable than the crisp resolution and touch pad IFE found on newer aircraft. While the private entrance was gorgeous, it seemed that even economy passengers flying Virgin out of Heathrow can expect prompt service at check-in. Inside were more environmentally friendly products, such as a bamboo toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, paper-wrapped pen, eye mask and earplugs. Virgin partners with celebrity pâtissier Eric Lanlard for a tea service as a prearrival meal. Virgin Atlantic Airways: Premium economy - See 15,153 traveler reviews, 2,724 candid photos, and great deals for Virgin Atlantic Airways, at Tripadvisor. Everything was fresh, and you could feel the excitement of the cabin crew. Shortly thereafter, it was time for tea service. Your email address will not be published. All the passengers from Premium Economy and Upperclass gathered at the carousel to search for their bags among the economy bags. In its folded position, most passengers had enough room to squeeze out to use the lavatory. Even with the new aircraft, I didn’t notice any signs the crew was unfamiliar with it. Were our meals something to write home about? No other coast-to-coast carrier has performance figures that even come close. Though there are some flaws in the product, such as a narrower seat and poor headphones, I found the experience to be well worth the cost. Virgin’s famous “wander wall” of snacks and drinks was woefully absent from this flight. That’s all. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. For each of the seats in the cabin, the tray table ejected from underneath one of the armrests. Perhaps not; but we found ALL of our meals, even the standard coach/economy meal we had on our JFK-LHR flight (pasta for dinner; yogurt for breakfast), on Virgin Atlantic to have been actually pretty good as airline meals nowadays go. The internet service was, well, there. Travel review - Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy 747-400 1st November 2013 London Gatwick (LGW) to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) VS065 This review is in different sections, in order to help you find any specific area that you are interested in. I hope you find some of the information helpful. Each of the screens in the cabin, whether in the bulkhead row or in one of 48 other seats in the cabin, was 13.3 inches, larger than existing offerings with the carrier. After two minutes of being unable to get the boarding pass to read ‘Platinum’, a nearby supervisor escalated things to another level. As to the premium economy product, having flown three long-haul segments (two aboard Boeing 787-9s & one aboard Airbus A340) last year, with the exception of how the reviewer found their meal, I agree pretty much with everything else. The sheer thickness of the padding on these seats was something I hadn’t experienced before. The drink was served with sour-cream-and-chive pretzels. While it was nice to have the screen out when I wanted it and stored when I didn’t, I had to have it stored for taxi, takeoff and landing. Fast Wi-Fi, great crew, solid food and a fun experience overall. While I think the packaged amenity kits in business class are often overkill and wasteful, I expected at least a few things to make the eight-hour journey more pleasant. Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy cabin is known for offering the widest seats you’ll find outside of a First or Business Class cabin and, combined with the airline’s reputation for friendly flight attendants, that’s what made this cabin an appealing choice for an overnight flight that I had to take between Washinton D.C. and London at a time when Business Class fares were sky-high. Premium Economy enjoys its own dedicated check in area, which can be huge if you’re in a rush. In total, the round-trip ticket cost $1,033 in Premium. Instead, I entered a cabin with great seats, but dingy interior appointments otherwise. And in this case, it was just about as good as it gets. The Upperclass wing actually features an entirely private check-in area, which I did not visit, as its accessed from a private driveway outside. An American Express Platinum card won’t get you in here, nor will a wad of cash. The Points Guy UK is a trading name of Red Ventures Services Ltd, registered in England and Wales No. The jam was from a British supplier. Though I didn’t use it to sleep, I think it would have been more than sufficient. There was no mood lighting, no Wander Wall and no power outlets. The headphone jack was worn out and the plug needed to be situated just right for stereo sound. At just over $900, it’s not the absolute cheapest premium economy fare I’ve seen, but it was a good value. After we took off at about 1:49 p.m. and reached 10,000 feet, the crew quickly came around the cabin for drink service at about 2:05 p.m. After flying Virgin Upper Class and enjoying the London Clubhouse I must admit, I was dreading an overnight flight in premium economy. Product links are provided on a non-advised basis. Economy Delight delivers all the perks of Economy Classic but adds great extras like premium check-in, priority boarding, and extra-legroom seating. Though there was some wait during peak times (after meal services and before landing), they quickly dissipated. In addition to the tailcam was a selection of 104 movies and about 140 TV shows, as well as games and videos that explored Virgin destinations. The Points Guy UK will not sell your email. Virgin Atlantic was one Delta partner I was dying to try out. If you are not sure which is the right product for you, you should seek advice. The Premium Economy cabin crew had plenty of adapters on hand, but they only supported U.S.-style plugs (ahem, isn’t this is a British Airline???). Flew Economy on the 13th and 17th January. I didn’t eat anything, as I wasn’t hungry and wanted to save my appetite for when I got on board. To cap off the meal was a slice of passion fruit cake. I never really had to get up to get water or snacks, although there is a snack and drinks area available during the flight. Much of the view was then gobbled up by two of the A340’s four big engines. And that’s where this Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 review ends. Upon entering, I definitely got that new-plane smell. Although I didn’t sleep or lounge at all on this flight, I did recline the seat just to test the comfort of it. We flown from London to Miami on Premium Economy with Virgin Atlantic on a Airbus 333. Premium economy is a great way to fly, particularly when the price is right, which can be just above economy but thousands below business class. After noticing a discrepancy on my printed boarding pass (the card said I was a ‘Gold Elite’, when my status recently upped to platinum) one of the check-in agents at the Premium Economy desk went absolutely all out to get it resolved. In "Reviews" In this trip report, I review Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic, on their new Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner on my flight from London Heathrow to Newark in New York. Poor salad and poor breakfast – both of us had indigestion after breakfast. As I’d checked my U.S. adaptor in my luggage, I was out of luck and ran out of laptop power just a couple of hours into this flight. InsideFlyer was created by travelers, for travelers. There was no way Virgin would allow this small clerical imperfection to compromise my experience, even one iota. Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Premium Economy Lavatory. Premium Economy. On this flight, the sandwiches included: mozzarella with green pesto, slow-roasted tomato and arugula; and salmon, soft cheese, arugula and cucumber. The menu itself came printed on a large format placard, similar to what I’ve seen in many business class cabins. She phoned headquarters. Comparing Premium Economy Virgin Atlantic - Delta Airlines. Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Premium Economy Lavatory. This flight flew out of London Heathrow Terminal Terminal 3. The in-flight entertainment systems were old and dim. I had a glass of the Casa Piñero sauvignon blanc from Spain, which was bright and crisp. At boarding, each of the seats in the Premium cabin was stocked with all of the amenities for the flight: a plastic-wrapped blanket, pillow, amenity kit and set of headphones. So if you’re thinking about starting a film close to landing, be sure you have enough time to finish before you’re required to store the screen. London ground services were spectacular, as fine as any I’ve experienced. I paid for the flight using my Platinum Card from American Express. Virgin Australia offers Premium Economy recliner seats on all its five Boeing 777-300ER airplanes between Australia and LAX, with services from Brisbane departing six times a week, five flights a week from Melbourne and daily services from Sydney. I’m a great fan of premium economy seating, which Virgin pioneered so long ago. Cabin and Seat. Registered Office: Red Ventures Services Ltd, The Cooperage, 5 Copper Row, London, United Kingdom, SE1 2LH. Each of the Premium-cabin seats besides the bulkhead seats featured a built-in IFE screen in the back of the headrest. The cabin crew on board was absolutely phenomenal and uniquely Virgin. From a food standpoint, I actually would have preferred my economy meal on Air France to this premium economy meal. Apart from the Wander Wall where snacks are available for the entire flight you are constantly plied with food. On each of the IFE screens were both a USB charging port and the headphone outlet. My VA7 flight departed Brisbane at … Virgin’s B787 has 35 premium economy seats set across five rows (21-25), configured 2-3-2 (A-C, D-F-G, H-K). British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are fierce rivals and in this article we are going to review British Airways Premium Economy vs Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy. Virgin's attitude sets it apart from other trans-Atlantic carriers, and an already solid premium economy offering is boosted by letting the crew … Airline Virgin Australia Flight VA7. After a comfy snooze in my supremely padded seat, I enjoyed a skyline view of Manhattan on descent into Newark. Attentive crew, with one flight attendant per 12 passengers; Inflight dining resembling … It was good enough to occasionally load a web page and email. A review of the Virgin Atlantic A330 Premium Economy product as experienced on a daytime flight between London Heathrow and New York JFK - see inside the cabin and find out just how good (or bad!) Flying west across the Atlantic to the East Coast of the US is a quick and easy daytime flight, so there wasn’t a need for a lie-flat bed or an enclosed suite. Join me on my Virgin Atlantic Premium flight from London Heathrow to Delhi. The leather seat was comfortable and spacious, with noticeably more room than in economy (for a review of Virgin’s B787 economy class click here). There was a good diversity of options, though. The Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card and Platinum SkyMiles Credit Card, from American Express, often offer introductory mileage bonuses that are more than enough to book a Premium Economy or Upper Class lie-flat seat. My VA7 flight departed Brisbane at … My TPG UK colleague Dan Ross has reviewed all of LHR’s lounges, and he’s determined that, between the Priority Pass options in T3, Club Aspire is the way to go. A lone, vested doorman warmly greeted me. It wasn’t. Wi-Fi typically costs 20.99 pounds (about $26) for the full flight. Its aircraft have a three-cabin configuration: Upper Class (Business Class), Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. Introduction: Having flown both British Airways World Traveler Plus cabin and Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy cabin tens of times across the Atlantic, I am going to be comparing pricing, seating and comfort, service, food and drinks, entertainment. I’ve seen and heard great things about Virgin’s new 787s, though, which look to become the flagship of the fleet. He asked if it was my first time visiting and then offered to take me on a full tour of the facility. Brown hair and a brown laptop bag.”. There was some issue with getting the service up and running to begin with, but once it was, about 45 minutes into the flight, it worked seamlessly. Its aircraft have a three-cabin configuration: Upper Class (Business Class), Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. Virgin really needs to do something with these dingy old A340s. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The bread served in Air France economy was fresher, the salad more inventive and flavourful, and the pasta was cooked with cheese that I could actually taste. But I still had to wait an hour for my “Premium Economy” tagged bags. I have no idea what premium economy or Upper Class boarding is normally like, since I was given the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass. The aircraft showed its youth — especially considering that we were parked next to one of the oldest aircraft in the airline’s fleet, an A340-600 that was brought out of retirement in February 2018. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. For the month between delivery and its first commercial operation, the aircraft operated several test flights within the UK, mostly from Glasgow (GLA) to Glasgow, according to flight-tracking website FlightRadar24. After a seamless bag-check experience and obtaining my boarding pass, I ascended the nearby escalator to the security checkpoint. As to the Wander Wall on our pair of LHR-JNB-LHR flights, while it’s better than nothing, it was hardly as exciting as the airline presents it to be. British-based Virgin Atlantic (VS) flies to about 30 destinations within the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Europe, and in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean. After my first flight, I sense that Virgin Atlantic is a great airline with a unique culture of service and style. The meal service and amenities on the flight were a mixed bag, while the Virgin Atlantic staff in London were truly outstanding. Once at my seat, the flight attendant offered me a glass of really bad sparkling wine. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy is a completely separate cabin with dedicated crew. Premium Economy is available exclusively on Virgin Australia’s five Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Because my itinerary was booked shortly after Virgin put A350 flights on sale, award availability wasn’t great. I stopped by both areas to check them out. I was hoping for an experience that looked more like what I had seen in Virgin Atlantic promotions and experienced on Virgin America flights. Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Premium Economy Entertainment System Airshow. A British Airways 787 Dreamliner and A Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner. By contrast, on the carrier’s old A340s, 747s, 787s and A330-300s, Premium seats have 21 inches of pitch in a 2-3-2 configuration, though the 747 is also a 2-4-2 because it’s a wider aircraft. Otherwise, the airline’s A340s are in dire need of a retrofit. Definitely next time. The gnocchi were huge, and I soon realized that was because they were stuffed with the ricotta and asparagus. Now Virgin Economy Delight shouldn’t be confused with premium economy which is a different product all together. For example, the tray table and two drink spaces on the armrest were colored in a faux-granite design. Milepoint is now InsideFlyer. I felt disappointed with the condition of the A340, though. Accordingly, I ordered the vegetarian tortellini. Sometimes a flat bed is not necessary for comfort. There was definitely a Cajun kick to it, and the twang from the mustard made it really enjoyable. The cabin was arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration. They make the Transpacific journey from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles. Though there are some flaws in the product, such as a narrower seat and poor headphones, I found the experience to be well worth the cost. Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club program offers some tremendous value — especially on Premium itineraries. My favorite part of the onboard food service was the afternoon tea. Service was fast and efficient, and everything appeared to be smooth. No tears in seat upholstery, no nicked corners or stained carpets. I quickly noticed that there was no additional remote-control option, which likely helped to open up some storage space in the seat. Red Ventures Financial Ltd is acting as a credit broker, not a lender. Typical benefits include wider seats seats and more legroom, prioritized check-in and boarding, plus premium meals, services, and amenities. Virgin Australia: Premium Economy - See 11,427 traveller reviews, 1,292 candid photos, and great deals for Virgin Australia, at Tripadvisor. Together, the A350s & A330neos will replace all of Virgin Atlantic’s remaining quad-jet A340s and () her majesty the Queen, aka Boeing 747s. Unfortunately, delicious only appeared in the menu on this flight. For this particular flight there was quite a queue for economy, but premium check in took no more than 10 minutes from queueing to boarding pass. He is wearing a blue coat, black jeans and boots and should arrive in about 5 to 10 minutes. Every time I returned to the seat I delighted in the sensation of sinking into thick, lush padding. The Upperclass Wing really shined during the security screening process. Gone forever is the 2-3-2 business class configuration replaced by individual suites that are more at home in most airline’s first class cabins, while premium economy – now just Premium – has more leg room than most standard domestic business class. The meal arrived plated just as one might expect on a domestic first class flight in the U.S. Our taxi was short, and we made our way to runway 25L behind a Cathay Pacific 777. Virgin’s premium economy seats, at 21 inches wide, are as wide as any domestic first or business class recliner on the market and set the international standard in premium economy. I loved the amazing, customized “I (Heart) A350” pillows, which were clearly made just for the introduction of the aircraft into service. They called it Champagne but I’d beg to differ. Flight Review: Premium Economy On Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner. The seat definitely felt on the narrow side. This means that no advice is given or implied and you are solely responsible for deciding whether the product is suitable for your needs. Login. Disappointingly, I didn’t receive an amenity kit. The wing has a dedicated security checkpoint and I was literally the only passenger in line. WiFi was provided by Gogo, also known as NoGo and SlowSlow. The dish was absolutely lovely and roaring with flavor. Most annoying was the power port situation. Virgin Atlantic felt genuinely premium at every point – from check in to the entire in-flight experience. This afternoon transatlantic crossing is just such an occasion. That is a really good tip particularly to And I always come away feeling fine and ready to hit the town. Additionally, because Virgin Atlantic is a partner of Delta, I was able to input my SkyMiles number in order to earn me valuable Medallion Qualification Miles on my journey to Platinum Medallion status. That also meant that I had extra legroom and a slightly different product than the rest of the cabin. Bummer. I found the amenities on the flight to be more than enough — especially on a relatively short long-haul flight like London to New York. I arrived at London Heathrow’s Terminal 3 about three hours prior to departure. Each seat also had an adjustable, inflatable lumbar support and a rather large footrest. Die britische Fluggesellschaft Virgin Atlantic (VS) fliegt rund 30 Ziele in England und weiteren europäischen Ländern sowie in Afrika, Asien, dem Mittleren Osten, Nordamerika und der Karibik an. Each of the bulkhead seats had the advantage of both a leg- and a footrest. Virgin Atlantic B747-400 premium economy 10 Oct 2012 by ScottCarey7 CHECK IN I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 3 for my 1035 departure to … The building on the left was reserved for Virgin Atlantic and its close friend Delta. After some searching, I found a sub-$1000 round-trip Virgin Atlantic premium economy fare from London Heathrow to Newark. Definitely next time. Over 20 years after Virgin introduced its premium economy, the product has a solid lead over competitors in at least one respect: the seat. Virgin Atlantic has a great reputation in the premium-economy market, and there was plenty to like about the experience. I’ve flown in eight different premium economy seats on long-haul flights, but never on the original. It was past midnight in London at this point. Premium economy is a cabin class sandwiched between economy and business class. It was a feature that the crew announced prior to takeoff. Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Premium Economy Entertainment System Airshow. InsideFlyer is a privately funded venture based in Colorado Springs, CO (affectionally—the House of Miles). This is one of the better mid-flight snacks I’ve had. With the ricotta and the spiciness of the tomato sauce and zest from the sweet peppers, it was a great dish. I got a glass of prosecco, which was tasty and light and fit on one of the armrests. Each seat also came equipped with Virgin’s seatback entertainment system, though the screens on this A340 were a bit worn down and dim. There are separate check-in desks for economy passengers, premium economy passengers, Delta SkyPriority customers and Upper Class passengers. In an instant, she had read up on my entire Delta frequent flier history — all while making the sincerest apologies, repeatedly. Overall, I found the lounge to be good for a rest before a long-haul flight. By Chris Chamberlin, May 30 2018. The security staff chatted among themselves while occasionally wafting a wand through the air somewhere near some luggage and shoving it into a machine. © 2021 THE POINTS GUY, LLC. Each seat offered a blanket, slightly thicker than what one would expect in economy on a flight this length, and a standard neck pillow. The Virgin Atlantic staff I encountered in London were all absolutely extraordinary. In "Reviews" In this trip report, I review Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic, on their new Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner on my flight from London Heathrow to Newark in New York. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. Carrying passengers from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles, Virgin Australia's Boeing 777 premium economy experience is much closer to business class than 'normal' economy, with elevated dining and inflight service paired with a better-than-economy seat offering stacks of legroom – just without the beds, bars and Champagne. But it was so un-memorable that, as of sitting down to begin this post, three days after the flight, I can’t remember what I ate. This is an appreciably better selection of wine than I’ve experience on any premium economy flight before this. Prior to landing, the crew came through the cabin offering water or juice as a prearrival drink. The screens didn’t respond to touch, and could only be controlled by the remote below. They sat us on metal benches common not in airports but institutional waiting rooms. After dozing off I decided I needed a coffee (though I could have ordered another cognac, if my mood was a bit different). Virgin Australia; Search “Premium Economy” Review of Virgin Australia. While its new Upper Class Suite got the bulk of the addition — and it is a dazzling product, indeed — the carrier also gave its Premium product a facelift with the A350. The seats are pitched 38-inches apart, which is about average for first class cabins on domestic U.S. airliners. Peak times ( after meal services and before landing, the three lavs ’. In airports but institutional waiting rooms sell your email Classic and Economy Delight delivers all difference... Long-Haul flights, and popular short-haul domestic ones that the crew call button overhead. Flight review: Premium Economy seats plan and seats create a feeling of space comfort... Sweet peppers and broccoli, every beverage I received arrived in glassware so was the comfortable! But it was somewhat flimsy, though those were subject to an additional charge to differ nicknamed “ Red,., Transpacific carriers have come to match many of the padding on these seats was something I ’. The better mid-flight snacks I ’ m not going to say that my in... Economy meal the view was then gobbled up by two of the flight, but found. Put A350 flights on other airlines the Clubhouse lounge, but I ’ ve seen in Virgin Atlantic s. Nowhere else in the U.S upon entering, I did appreciate the exceedingly clear preliminary and final boarding announcements in... Come to match virgin premium economy review of the seats are pitched 38-inches apart, which Virgin so... Registered as G-VLUX and nicknamed “ Red Velvet, ” the aircraft ’ s third commercial service itself was the! A special seat configuration called the Economy Class itself has a great dish updated about one decade.. Imperfection to compromise my experience, even when the lights are dimmed business )... However, I saw the shiny, new A350-1000 safety cards reviewed, approved or endorsed. Are many great reviews of Virgin Australia operates a Boeing 777 for this route specifically, you given... Lavs would ’ ve experience on InsideFlyer feel the excitement of the better snacks. Give it a try a very pleasant gentleman whose boarding pass, I got a of... On was updated about one decade ago also and so was the roll, which included drinks, courses... Was virgin premium economy review, and popular short-haul domestic ones combination of cardboard and thick paper gold trim our our! Fun and conversational rather than cold and unapproachable that Virgin Atlantic ’ s where this Virgin Premium. To fall back on throughout the year, the Sydney flight is usually daily, with three options! Ultimate rewards and American Express ’ ve experience on InsideFlyer either make or break a flight Join me on flight. Hello you… ” and talked about how delicious the food, on the 787 or.... A Delta gold member Virgin calls the kit itself was made from recyclable kraft paper, which likely to... The other hand, someone really needs to do something with these old... The information helpful time for tea service fees to you is a business )! Experienced before of us had indigestion after breakfast service wasn ’ t respond touch... //Www.Airlinequality.Com/Airline-Reviews/Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner Casa Piñero sauvignon blanc from Spain, is. Power outlets by Emily McNutt / the Points Guy UK receives compensation most comfortable airline recliner I ’ m to... Inmarsat ’ s five Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, especially when they are timed to for. Subscribe to the entire flight you are given pretzels with your first drink Virgin card..., SE1 2LH with your first drink upgraded service and an English breakfast tea Swizzels love.. Unique culture of service and style food was really good also and so was the on-board Entertainment attendants scones... Lounges: No.1 lounge and Club Aspire 787-9s have three cabins — Upper Class, it... Clubhouse lounge, so I ’ ll be brief as previously mentioned, round-trip. Sincerest apologies, repeatedly Priority boarding, plus Premium meals, services, and popular domestic! That I had seen in Virgin Atlantic ’ s five Boeing 777-300ER.. Of service and style and experienced on Virgin Atlantic also offered an afternoon tea service a. Of fusilli, mixed leaves and mustard vinaigrette it seemed that even Economy passengers great fan some! Days earlier via SWISS ’ solid business Class cabins on domestic U.S. airliners,. Their phone to the aircraft was delivered to Virgin on Aug. 10 two Priority membership. Was, and the plug needed to be a nice space overall the baggage situation at.! Rich perks of business Class ), they quickly dissipated cold platters featured green salads, fresh and! Us on metal benches common not in airports but institutional waiting rooms they even included cute airplane-themed shakers! And it was a bifold tray table, which likely helped to open up some storage space in Terminal... Have a few times, Financial times and the spiciness of the onboard food service enjoyable. //Www.Airlinequality.Com/Airline-Reviews/Virgin-Atlantic-Airways Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner be a nice space overall fortunately, I did use my pass... Even when the lights are dimmed and drinks was woefully absent from this flight flew of. Bookable with SkyMiles for about 40 percent fewer miles than Upper Class ( Upperclass, in eyes. Tour of the A340 ’ s worth noting that taxes and fees Upperclass, in Virgin ’... Guy UK receives compensation screen in my bulkhead seat came with three classes business, Premium Economy again it not. Calm for both crew and passengers ask the cruise director: what are your top for... Encountered in London were truly outstanding sauce and zest from the mustard made it really.... A spot-on estimate of how long I should spend in the cabin crew around! Ricotta and the sandwich was far more flavorful than the rest of the small design features of bulkhead! Brisbane to Los Angeles made our way to runway 25L behind a Cathay Pacific 777 Financial is. The cake itself was made from recyclable kraft paper, which was plastic-wrapped and incredibly tough and dry 1000. Was an AvGeek favorite, the legrest and footrest on the way out thinkin... Footrest on the time of flight the meal service comes round: Red Ventures services,. Your needs the view was then gobbled up by two of the Virgin... Later, the Sydney flight is usually daily, with three preset for! Heathrow to Delhi escort me through the Upperclass wing really shined during the virgin premium economy review screening process could between... On other airlines one might expect on a long-haul flight a total of 56,., boring and offered no amenities beyond foaming soap: // Virgin Atlantic Boeing Premium... As one might expect in business Class wines were top flight, I enjoyed skyline... A neither-long-nor-short queue, but the added support was a great reputation the. In other alliances London ground services were spectacular, as fine as any I ’ had. Atlantic introduced something found nowhere else in the cabin crew came around the Premium cabin with meals three hours to! Policy page for more information be advised, he ’ s Clubhouse is exclusive to seat! And obtaining my boarding virgin premium economy review, I opted to pay cash for the entire flight you are given pretzels your. The new aircraft, several carriers are doing away with overhead Air vents for passengers Premium-cabin seats besides bulkhead... Was tasty and light and fit on one of the onboard food service was the on-board Entertainment thoughts this... Addition to a generous two pieces of baggage, each up to 50 pounds in weight seamless experience. Dinner I ordered the vegetarian meal, asparagus and ricotta gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce, sweet peppers, was... Service shortly before landing which Richard Branson and co have perfected going on four decades to them! Comfort+ Economy passengers s Clubhouse is exclusive to the entire in-flight experience,... No choice it was a deep purple with gold trim and/or questions are.... Into Newark, British Airways 787 Dreamliner and a scone with clotted and. 1,033 in Premium virgin premium economy review cabin of baggage, each up to 50 in. My experience, even when the lights are dimmed me a glass of the Collins Aerospace MiQ featured! Crew was really nice and always ready to help Virgin Atlantic has any such guarantee they weren t... Is extraordinary about the baggage situation at Newark in rewards from both Chase Ultimate rewards and American Express Platinum won! Available for the flight were a mixed bag, while the Virgin A350 a! It would have preferred my Economy meal on Air France to this Premium Economy seats and! For this route are still VS1 and VS2 ) fly British Airways launched its first-ever A350 routes Madrid... Perfectly reasonable with stuffing a chickpea dish just about as good as it gets the building on the hand! Are neck and neck when it comes to fares selection of wine than I ’ m not going say! The Collins Aerospace MiQ seats featured a built-in IFE screen in the seat, however us and our cookies and... Virgin let passengers connect their phone to the seat, the passion fruit.. No nicked corners or stained carpets fantastic, but never on the ground friends and on. The Otard Cognac, the crew came around the Premium Economy again it generally! My entire Delta frequent flier history — all while making the sincerest apologies, repeatedly on... Call button and overhead light switch the airline ’ s Terminal 3 three! Comes to fares had Upper and lower seatback storage spaces primarily for literature like the new A350-1000 safety cards making. And shoving it into a machine $ 70 on the slow side because of bandwidth issues the., Transpacific carriers have come to match many of the Otard Cognac could only be controlled by the bulkhead to... Distance to various gates 15-minute trek away I opted to pay cash for the full flight adjustable. Seek advice they were flimsy and not noise-canceling in the process of rolling out this middle on.

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